Friday, December 6, 2013

Fifteenth Week Of Pathways

12/6/2013 My fifteenth week of Pathways was very busy. This whole week in my Basic Fuels class, my class and I have been stripping two cars of their parts. We finished one car this week, and what was left of it was just the skeleton. We are still working on the second car and it will be finished soon. In my Automotive Collision class my classmate and I are using sealant to cover holes that were made on the fender from a car accident. We applied the sealant last week and started sanding this week, so it's smooth and level with the metal. After that, he wants the fender painted. This week at my internship I was giving cars basic check ups and learned how to order parts for cars, when the shop doesn't have them in stock. I can't wait for next semester because I want to take a business class at the Kentfield campus of the College or Marin. I'm thankful for the help this Pathways program is giving me.

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