Friday, September 27, 2013

My Sixth Week Of Pathways

9/27/13 My sixth week of Pathways was great, I was learning about how the fuel injection system works and how it creates energy for the car to move forward. We learned how the fuel injection system creates nox, which is the pressurized energy that the motor releases. We continued to practice how to use the smog machine that tests how much smog the car releases. We studied more about what smog is made of and took notes. Also, I helped a student sand the back bumper of his car. I used the air sander to sand the paint off the bumper because he was looking for any dents and wanted the bumper repainted to the original color. The teacher was happy when I was helping around the shop. This week was great. I'm learning how to fix car parts and checking where to check where it's damaged and check if it's possible to fix at the shop.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fifth Week Of Pathways

My fifth week in the auto collision class was great. I learned how to check the smog a car produces. Everybody in my class had the chance to use the smog tool that goes into the exhaust pipe of the car. We read how much smog the car produced, checked if it produced a lot of smog, and if it gave out too much, it wouldn't pass because it's bad for the environment. We all took notes and studied the car intake, and about the use of the intake valves. We learned about the basic tools used in the shop, and the safety instructions of handling certain tools that could be dangerous if not used properly. I'm studying and learning new things when I'm in that classroom.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fourth Week Of Pathways

9/13/13 My fourth week of the Auto Collision Repair class was pretty cool. I learned how to use the air sander gun to remove the paint off the car instead of using the actual sander that rotates in a circular motion with a layer of sand paper. I learned how to properly use the air sander, like how far away to be from the part of the car I want to sand and how to hold the air sander gun at a certain angle to blow off the paint. We learned about the safety procedures for this type of tool. We would wear a face mask and gloves. I learned how much of the fine grain should be used. I also learned that when you use the air sander gun, it shouldn't be used on high power because you can use up all of the grain at a higher rate.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Third Week Of Pathways

9/6/13 This third week of the Auto Collision Repair class was really fun. I have a friend there now and he brought his car in for a check up. I checked the spark plugs in his car to see if they were in good condition. The first three were fine, and the last one was damaged and broken. I had to replace that damaged spark plug with a new one. The teacher taught us how the alignment machine works, to align the car's wheels. I started getting used to standing up for hours in the shop because in the beginning it was really hard for me to stand up for that long. I made real good friends who were also students that had more experience in the shop that helped me along he way. By far this was a good week in the Auto Shop.