Friday, February 28, 2014

February 28, 2014

This Tuesday and Thursday were good, I started doing online quizzes that ask a variety of questions that I have to answer. Now I'm reviewing notes that I have taken during class and today I will be reading chapter 6 and take more notes to gain more knowledge before I start my class work and feel comfortable with what I learned. I started getting help where I live, they have a tutoring program that allows me to talk to someone one on one to get a better understanding of what I'm working on. My internship is really fun; we are having custom made sweatshirts with our group name on it. Today I'm getting paid at the internship and I'm happy because its my first payment out of this whole time I worked there. I'm thankful that Pathways is helping with my books and everything.

Friday, February 14, 2014

February 14, 2014

My Financial Business class this week went well, we are practicing from what we learned last week, and we're continuing reading chapters 3 and 4 to prepare. In class the teacher has us sitting in group to make a business name and start creating our own transactions. Today I'm going to read chapter 5 and prepare to answer questions next week. The internship last Friday was really fun, we went on a trip in a ferry to the city and went to the Exploratorium for the day, later we went to eat burgers at Gotts which were really good and came back home.

February 7, 2014

This week of Financial Business was good. The class was taught that small business most of the time only accept cash. Accepting cash only allows you to get paid in full and not have to wait in periods of time. Cash is the simplest way of payment and it involves less bookkeeping. There is limited risk of fraud when accepting cash only. I'm taking a lot of notes and I'm learning how to run a business. My internship was great we are planning to name ourselves with a team name and have the name printed on sweaters.