Friday, December 20, 2013

Seventeenth Week Of Pathways

12/20/2013 My seventeenth week of Pathways was the best. I learned so much this semester. I think I learned enough to use this experience on my own car one day. Now I know how to change the oil, change the tires and check the engine for any malfunctions in the car. The teachers there at the Auto Shop were very helpful and made it very clear when teaching. I understood and learned very quickly. I learned about the safety rules in the Auto Shop, like the type of clothing to wear when doing certain things to the car For example, when you're about to paint the car you have to use these overalls that cover your whole body and they will provide you a helmet that cuts out the air from the paint room that's full of paint chemicals. This helmet supplies you oxygen from a machine outside of the painting room. When welding you have to use a welding mask that protects you from the sparks from jumping to your face. The welding mask also has a dark tinted glass piece that allows you to see what you're doing. The tint protects you from the very bright light a torch makes. I'm already checking the spark plugs on my mom's car. I had fun at that Auto Shop and learned a lot. I had my finals this Monday and Tuesday for my Basic Fuels class and for my Auto Collision Repair class. I think I did really well on the tests. Now I'm going to enjoy this winter break and enjoy the holidays with my family. I love gaining knowledge; It feels great, Thank You Pathways!

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