Friday, October 25, 2013

Tenth Week Of Pathways

My tenth week of Pathways was great. The counselor in my high school recommended me to an internship at A & A Automotive. Its a shop located in Sausalito. I met with Mike, the owner of the shop. We talked about the days I'm available and what I can bring to the shop. I said that I'm a good listener and that I like hands-on working. I go to the auto shop every Wednesday now and I think it's a cool shop. I met with Frank, he has worked for A & A Automotive since 1976. He used to go to IVC as a student and he also taught classes over there as well. He's helping me give cars basic check-ups and tune-ups. He talked about the invoice paper that he uses to write down recommendations and costs of parts fixed. He writes down basically everything he does in the shop. I checked the fuels in the car, the brakes, and the tires' condition, the wind-shield wipers' condition, and all the lights of the car.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ninth Week Of Pathways

10/18/2013 My ninth week of Pathways was okay. I took a test in class on Tuesday in my Auto Collision Repair Class and another test on Thursday in my basic fuels class. There were some questions on the test that the teacher hadn't covered. The students that stayed in that classroom longer had more knowledge than me. I asked the teacher about those questions that he didn't cover and he said to not worry and to answer as much as I could, because he knows this is my first year of auto class. I think I did really well on the test because I found questions that I already knew the answers to, so I felt comfortable. I hope to get an A or an B on the tests I've taken.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Eight Week Of Pathways

10/11/2013 My eighth week was great. I'm taking notes in class and studying a lot for the midterm test that will take place in class this coming Tuesday. The test will check how much I learned in the auto shop so I'm going to try my best to get everything correct. This week in my class, I learned about keeping records and invoices with you at all times, writing down everything you did with detail to help your customer with his or her vehicle. The instructor also taught us how the invoice form should be set up. I'm going to try my best to pass this test. This ACRT class is really fun. I'm learning new things every week.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Seventh Week Of Pathways

10/4/2013 My seventh week of Pathways was really good. I learned how the PCV pipes in an automotive vehicle works. I helped another student in class this week; I helped him sand the hood of the car with an air sander. By sanding the car, I found punctured holes in the hood, so I used car sealant to fill in and cover the holes.