Friday, November 22, 2013

Fourteenth Week Of Pathways

My fourteenth week of auto repair was fun. I finally got my hands on the emissions computer and learned how to reset the car engine light by dialing up codes that you add to the emissions computer. There are specific keys with codes for specific cars that the computer reads. My teacher was showing and helping us along the way to get a better understanding of what we're doing. There's steps to do to reset the car, you can't just plug in the emissions computer in and expect it to restart. You always have to make sure that the car is in good running conditions before restarting the car. A group of students and I restarted a Volkswagen car, that took at least an hour to learn how to use the emissions computer.

Thirteenth Week

My thirteenth week of pathways was fun. I'm studying about the cars computer, when a problem occurs in the vehicle, the computer turns on the check engine light. The teacher told us that next week we will learn how to use the emissions computer that allows me to check the cars status and allows me to reset the cars computer with a push of a button. The class is getting more technical and I like that. Everything is going smooth and I'm not getting as dirty as before, we're getting more in the technical side of automotive vehicles. Pathways is great, I appreciate all the help this program has giving me.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Twelfth Week Of Pathways

My twelfth week of Pathways was really interesting. I'm learning about the electrical circuits that run through the car. I learned how electrical currents are passed through the circuit board. That's like a little computer that directs electricity to the correct places, for example, if its night time and you want the head lights on, when you you switch on the lights, a signal from the switch goes to the circuit board and then sends electricity to the lights. I learned that if the lights or anything electrical doesn't function. For example, the radio, it could be that one of the fuses from the electrical board burned out that connects the battery to the radio, or the radio is not working. This week at the shop, I helped Frank with the basic tune ups as always. Frank is also showing me more new things about tuning up cars.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Eleventh Week Of Pathways

11/1/2013 My eleventh week in Pathways was good. My test results from my auto collision class last week came in and I did pretty good, I got a C minus. I went to A & A Auto shop this Wednesday and worked there from 8 in the morning through 5 in the afternoon. I helped give 3 cars basic check ups by checking all the basic fuels and gave recommendations for the car on the invoice. I'm getting used to the auto shop and I'm following orders. I have been told that I have been doing a good job and that the shop would like to have somebody like me in the auto shop because I show effort and I get the work done. I was happy when I heard this and I felt good about myself. I feel that I'm getting my work done and that I'm staying focused.