Friday, September 27, 2013

My Sixth Week Of Pathways

9/27/13 My sixth week of Pathways was great, I was learning about how the fuel injection system works and how it creates energy for the car to move forward. We learned how the fuel injection system creates nox, which is the pressurized energy that the motor releases. We continued to practice how to use the smog machine that tests how much smog the car releases. We studied more about what smog is made of and took notes. Also, I helped a student sand the back bumper of his car. I used the air sander to sand the paint off the bumper because he was looking for any dents and wanted the bumper repainted to the original color. The teacher was happy when I was helping around the shop. This week was great. I'm learning how to fix car parts and checking where to check where it's damaged and check if it's possible to fix at the shop.

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