Friday, October 25, 2013

Tenth Week Of Pathways

My tenth week of Pathways was great. The counselor in my high school recommended me to an internship at A & A Automotive. Its a shop located in Sausalito. I met with Mike, the owner of the shop. We talked about the days I'm available and what I can bring to the shop. I said that I'm a good listener and that I like hands-on working. I go to the auto shop every Wednesday now and I think it's a cool shop. I met with Frank, he has worked for A & A Automotive since 1976. He used to go to IVC as a student and he also taught classes over there as well. He's helping me give cars basic check-ups and tune-ups. He talked about the invoice paper that he uses to write down recommendations and costs of parts fixed. He writes down basically everything he does in the shop. I checked the fuels in the car, the brakes, and the tires' condition, the wind-shield wipers' condition, and all the lights of the car.

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