Friday, August 23, 2013

First Week Of Pathways

August 23, 2013 The Pathways program is very helpful to me. This program helped me with finding my passion and a potential career. They are loaning me books for my classes that I couldn't afford to purchase at this time. This program is really good and I recommend this program to anybody that needs help. My future goal is to find a career that can help me afford my needs in the future. For example, I would like a nice house and a car. I decided to join Pathways because the program offered me help with applying to College Of Marin and finding classes I find interesting to take. I'm looking forward to getting the best out of this program. I want to achieve my goal and probably find other careers that I might also find intresting. I hope to gain the experience from this training. I would really like to learn more about the body of an auto in this intership and become a good mechanic. I'm taking an Auto Collision Repair class at Indian Valley College in Novato. This week I learned how to learned how to repair a car's window and how to drain and change the oil. I'm also taking a Fuel Systems class. in that class we leaned about safety procedures in the auto shop lab.

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